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Rain or Shine. . . We've Got You Covered

So, how will you use your new canopy chair or bench?
Check out all the great ways and places that VIPSeating Global canopy chairs and benches have been put to use...
Personal Use . . .
Where do we begin? There's so many options! Well, let's just get started, in no particular order, you can use them for . . .

                                    Tailgate                                                                                                                 Parties

Who doesn't love a great tailgater? With your VIPSeating Global Canopy Chair or Bench, you can be the envy of the tailgate crowd as you sit in style and comfort.

With the right accessories, you'll have your tunes with you, you'll have your beverage of choice, and you'll be looking good and feeling fine in your own, personal, protected seating space, just like these folks here...

As Team or Spectator Seating
Your team and your promoters will have sideline comfort in one of our canopy chairs or benches.
Ice Fishing Shelter
Stay comfortably out of the wind while enjoying a great day on the frozen lake.
Concert Seating
As you can see, there's practically no limit to where a VIPSeating Global folding canopy chair or bench can be put to use.

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Promotional Use . . .
Everyone loves great stuff, and your customers, prospects and charities you support are no different.

VIPSeating Global Canopy Chairs and Benches, printed with your team, company or organization's logo and marketing message, make a great promotional gift or donation.

Tell your customers how much you appreciate their business by rewarding the best of them with the best in folding, protective event seating, emblazoned, of course, with your logo. They'll be thinking of you every time they use it, and so will those that see your prominently placed logo and message.

Show your community spirit, by donating one of our chairs or benches, personalized with your logo, for community organizations to use as door prizes or other give aways. They'll love the job that the chair or bench will do in drawing funds, and they'll love you for providing it to them. By the way, you're going to love the exposure it gains for your business too!

There's simply no down-side to using VIPSeating Global Canopy Chairs and Benches in all your promotions.

Personalize with your company logo, and your employee will not only receive a great reward, they'll also be promoting your business every time they use their new canopy chair or bench.

Do you support a community sports team? A pair of our 6-seat team benches are a great way to show that support. Have them printed with both their logo, and yours, and you've got a sure winner at each and every game -- both home and away! You can't get that in a permanent dugout.

The possible ways that a VIPSeating Global Canopy Chair or Bench can help your business are limited only by your imagination.